Don’t let a tire road hazard deflate your day and your wallet. Urgently Membership now provides up to $100 in reimbursement for tire repair or replacement due to a road hazard.
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We’ve pumped up the value of Urgently Membership with a new benefit that allows you to avoid the cost and hassle of a flat tire, even if you couldn’t avoid that pothole, nail or piece of glass in the road. Our new Tire Road Hazard benefit is included free with the Urgently Membership and provides up to $100 in reimbursement for tire repair or replacement due to a road hazard.

In the event your tire fails due to a puncture, bruise or break, simply call Urgently for assistance with tire repair or tire replacement services. You can take your vehicle to the tire service facility of your choice, or allow one of our skilled representatives to suggest an approved repair facility.


If a tire is damaged but safely repairable, Urgently Membership will reimburse the cost of a flat tire repair, up to $35 per incident, and up to 2 times per year, with no prior authorization required.


If a damaged tire cannot be repaired, Urgently Membership will reimburse the cost, up to $100 per incident, and up to 2 times per year. Just call for authorization and a claim number before purchasing your new tire.

All Around Tire Protection

You can rely on Urgently when tire meets road hazard - whether you need your spare installed to get back on the road, a tow to a shop for a tire repair, or reimbursement for replacement tires.

  1. Use Urgently Roadside to put on your spare - if you don’t have a spare or multiple tires have been compromised, we’ll get you to a great repair shop.
  2. Once at the shop, if your tire only needs a repair, just pay for the service and send us the receipt - no authorization required.
  3. If unfortunately your tire needs to be replaced, you or the shop needs to reach out to  our road hazard department to receive authorization. After you pay, send your receipt with the authorization number to Urgently for reimbursement.
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